Receiving complaints and claims

Since LLC “Venta LTD” is a modern enterprise focused on development, introduction of new marketing technologies, and improving the quality of service, the responsible specialists of the company monitor requests from customers, partners, employees. Through this mechanism, it is possible not only to assess the performance efficiency of each individual link of the enterprise, but also to improve it in accordance with current requests. The processing of received complaints allows the company’s management to receive reliable information about wrong acts of employees in time and take appropriate measures
Partners, customers and employees of the organization can make a written appeal to the management, which should contain described and clearly formulated recommendations for improving the company’s performance, comments or suggestions of taking preventive measures.
The complaint means a document executed in written or electronic form, which contains an appeal from an employee or customer regarding a violation of his legal rights and interests. The facts must be formulated as clearly and reasonably as possible. It is also necessary to indicate the means of communication with the applicant and indicate the priority option for receiving a response from the company. If the complaint is resubmitted, it is necessary to indicate the number of the first complaint and the date of its submitting.
The following procedure is provided for receiving appeals and complaints:

• Written complaints can be filled in a special form and left at the address: Dnipro city, Selianskyi Uzviz, 3a on the first floor of the central office.
• A letter with complaints and appeals can be sent by mail to the address 49000, Dnipro city, Selianskyi Uzviz, 3a, LLC “Venta LTD”. The envelope should be marked “Complaint/ Appeal. For HR Department”.
• For the convenience of customers and employees of the company, there is an option to send an email to
In case of submitting a complaint in person through the office of LLC “Venta LTD”, a copy of the title page of the appeal will be issued. It will contain a note on the receipt and date of receipt of the complaint, its serial number.
The procedure for processing complaints and appeals is as follows: 

• Incoming complaints are recorded in the Register of Complaints and reviewed by the HR Director. After this, the appeals will be forwarded to the manager, in whose name the complaints were submitted. The term for consideration of appeals is up to 3 working days.
• If the complaint can be satisfied, the manager makes an appropriate decision and prepares a response, which is registered and sent to the applicant. If the complaint cannot be satisfied, a reasoned refusal is prepared. It is approved by the Complaints Committee, which includes the CEO, in-house lawyer, divisional manager, and subject matter specialist.

An authorized employee is responsible for making a decision, as well as for the correctness of giving an answer and its compliance with formal requirements.