The company LLC “Venta LTD” invites you to take part in the customer loyalty program “Smart”. This document is a Public Agreement for joining the program “Smart”. The program is a sustainable system of interaction between LLC “Venta LTD”, pharmacies and manufacturers on a voluntary, non-exclusive basis for the joint implementation of a set of measures aimed at achieving independent goals concerning the implementation of economic activities of each participant in order to improve profitability, sustainability and competitiveness. This Program provides access of any participating pharmacy to improved commercial terms for purchasing goods from LLC “Venta LTD” and to receive an additional incentive concerning the range of the program on the basis of guaranteed confidentiality, information security and independence of decision-making within its own business. The basis for participation in the Program is a completed application form on the website

Personalization for the client
Possibility of additional profit
Convenient and transparent calculation of the discount
Program Universal

For a successful start in the program “Universal”, we propose to choose a package for the Chain with the desired volume and to purchase the goods for the participants in the program within a month. Participation in the program is possible starting from the minimum package, and when the amount required for the larger package is reached, the transition to the next package is accomplished automatically. The billing period for earning discount is a month. The threshold for participation in the program is calculated depending on the quantity of points of sale within the chain. The discount is paid based on the results of the month/quarter

package is minimal

650 UAH / month for 1 outlet



optimal package

1 300 UAH / month for 1 outlet



package maximum

2 600 UAH / month for 1 outlet



Example The terms of participation
Calculation of the purchase volume to obtain a discount
Number of outlets


Select the amount of the desired discount


Total purchase amount:

If your pharmacy chain consists of 10 points of sale, the calculation of the minimum threshold for participation is the following:

10 points of sale * 650 UAH (the minimum threshold for receiving a discount) = 6 500 UAH.

6 500 UAH is the total amount of the purchase for the entire chain, each of 10 points of sale can purchase in the amount of 650 UAH or 1 point of sale can purchase in the amount of 3 750 UAH and 2 points of sale can purchase in the amount of 2 750 UAH.

When the minimal purchase plan in the amount of 6 500 UAH is fulfilled, the chain receives a 1.5% discount.

To receive a 2.5% discount, a participant should purchase the goods using the following formula:

10 points of sale * 1 300 UAH = 13 000 UAH.

To receive a 4.0% discount, a participant should purchase the goods using the formula:

10 points of sale * 2 600 UAH = 26 000 UAH. 

Conditions of participation for the Pharmacy:


1. Signing additional agreement and conditions:

2. The point of sale that participates in the program “Universal” does not participate in other promotions of LLC “Venta LTD” (in frames of the goods of the participants of the promotion).

3. The discount is provided only for the goods purchased from LLC “Venta LTD”.

4. Discounts are arranged once a quarter, calculated and agreed with the customer every month.

5. Provided forms of calculation: marketing agreement or in kind

Download: The list of goods Smart September 2021

To participate in the SMART program from "Venta.LTD", it is necessary to fill in the fields:

Provided by SendPulse Program validity period: from the moment the client submits an application for participation in the program on December 31, 2020, with the possibility of prolongation by agreement of the parties in accordance with the period of the program itself. The program is aimed at strengthening partnership relations between the Client and LLC "Venta.LTD"


The question of participation and the terms of the Smart Program can be asked at this address:

* Required fields

** discount is charged on VAT amounts, including refunds

*** the amount of motivational remuneration (excluding VAT, if applicable), which will be provided to Participants who have fulfilled the conditions of acquisition / study of market conditions during the period of the Promotion. The minimum amount of motivational reward that can be provided to the Participants as a result of the Promotion is UAH 200. If the amount of the motivational remuneration calculated as a result of the Promotion is less than the minimum, the remuneration is not provided to the Participant.

**** The procedure, form and method of registration of the motivational reward for the Participants is determined by us independently in compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.